Circular, sustainable, and transformative bioeconomy

Issues, governance, and implementation aspects

The question of a sustainable bioeconomy has been the subject of a wide range of research activities in Germany since around 2010, which relate to various internationally agreed sustainability goals (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) but do not cover them comprehensively. Areas that have been less researched so far include the interactions of climate and bioeconomy, questions of governance, but also the embedding of the bioeconomy, for example in urban-rural relations and in the cultural dimension.

The WG follows a transdisciplinary research approach and is divided into four sub-working groups (SWG) that:

  • provide a synopsis of recent German research findings in order to substantiate the question of "blind spots" and open points that are internationally connectable (SWG 1: Reflection)
  • highlight aspects of the effect of the bioeconomy on the climate and of the climate on the bioeconomy as well as trade-offs e.g. on biodiversity by incorporating European and international research findings (SWG 2: Controversy),
  • advance the sustainability governance of the bioeconomy through innovative concepts (SWG 3: Innovation)
  • complement the discourse around the cultural dimension - and here also the role of art - and contribute further reflections on the integration of commoning and WEconomy approaches (SWG 4: Exploration)

The working group will organize salon respectively workshop discussions and an international workshop in a period of 18 months.

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Prof. Dr. Daniela Thrän

Helmholtz-Zentrum Umweltforschung UFZ, Department Bioenergie — Bioenergie — Nachhaltigkeit —

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Uwe R. Fritsche

IINAS GmbH - Internationales Institut für Nachhaltigkeitsanalysen und –strategien, Wiss. Leiter — Nachhaltigkeit — Governance — Klimawirkung —

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