1st European FEdA conference: Biodiversity and Human Well-Being – Europe’s Role in Shaping Our Future


Virtual Transdisciplinary Conference

The central importance of sustainable use and protection of biological diversity for the further development of human well-being is increasingly recognised. However, implementation remains difficult and the erosion of biodiversity and natural capital continues to progress, as the global IPBES Report 2019 and the Dasgupta Review 2021 have made clear.

There is no doubt: we need action now! To demand exactly this, thousands of representatives from diverse disciplines of science, society and economy worldwide turned recently towards national and international leaders, in open letters, public statements, or policy briefs (e.g. “A letter to fellow citizens of Earth”, “Berliner Erklärung”, “Scientists warning Europe”, “Business for Nature’s Call to Action”). But time is running out.

Further information can be found on the FEdA website.