Sustainability Science Forum 2022

Eventforum Bern
SCNAT - Swiss Academy of Sciences

Shaping Research for our Future

The Sustainability Science Forum 2022 addresses the future of research for sustainable development. How can science evolve to most effectively support societal change towards sustainability? We will address different aspects of this question: What will be important for the development of the field from a global perspective? What is the nature of societal transformation processes, and how is it currently understood and shaped? What are promising research formats for developing possible pathways of change? What matters most for research funding and how can research institutions support efforts to build a resilient, nature-positive society? The Sustainability Science Forum 2022 will explore these and many other questions, inspired by a keynote lecture presented by Prof. Dr. Albert van Jaarsveld, Director General, IIASA.

More information can be found on the SSF-website.